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Pristine Pavers in Greensboro NC.

Suppose your paving is starting to look tired and worn out. In that case, you need paver restoration in Greensboro NC by Platinum Power Wash. You will be amazed how much of a difference it makes to have your paving professionally cleaned. Once we are through lifting the stains, cleaning the grime, and removing the moss, your pavers will be almost unrecognizable. Quotes are fast, free, and we guarantee you won’t find better value paving restoration throughout Greensboro. Get in touch today if you want a quick and cost-effective way to make a great first impression on your visitors or wish to boost your home’s curbside appeal.

Benefits Of Our Greensboro Paver Sealing Services

Soft washing is only soft on your precious paving. It is hard on all the dirt, grime and algae. Soft washing uses a detergent for deep-down cleaning instead of using a high-power water jet to blast dirt from the surface. Safe for the environment, yet hard on dirt, soft washing restores the natural shine and beauty of paving without the risk of damaging property. Additionally, soft washing kills the mold and algae which stain pavers, making them safer to walk on. For paver restoration in Greensboro NC that you can trust, click or call Platinum Power Wash today.

As well as bringing back the natural beauty of stone and concrete paver restoration in Greensboro NC soft washing kills bugs, disinfects, and removes algae. Removing mold and moss reduces the chances of slips on the property and is essential maintenance that keeps homes safe for families and visitors. Unfortunately, the dirt and grime on your pavers inevitably end up being walked inside the property. Dust, mold spores, and animal droppings are all known to be bad for your health, particularly those with breathing issues. Soft washing pavers are far more effective at removing these irritants from your home than jet washing leaving them not just clean but sanitized.

If you want an instant boost to the property’s appearance, then paver restoration in Greensboro NC is just what you are looking for. We tend not to notice how dull and unattractive pavers can be until a plant pot gets moved and we suddenly see the original color! Soft washing can genuinely transform the look of old and tired-looking pavers. We are bringing them back to their actual color and shine. It is a cheap, simple, and very effective way to add value to your property, get back that all-important curbside appeal.

What Could Go Wrong with Roof Cleaning in Greensboro NC

There is a good reason why you should look for professional paver restoration in Greensboro NC. Not all pressure washing is the same. You may get a large repair bill if you don’t know what you are doing. This is because powerful jet washers can damage the surface of pavers and remove pointing between slabs. To get the best results without the risk of any damage Platinum Power Wash use soft wash technology. Soft washing uses a robust and eco-friendly detergent to clean your pavers and a gentle water jet to rinse away all the dirt, grime, and algae. 

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Frequently Asked
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We can arrange a time that is suitable for you for paver restoration in Greensboro NC. The soft wash process is fast and efficient, but it depends on how much there is to do and the level of cleaning required.

When done incorrectly, pressure washing can be harmful to paving. High-pressure washing can break fragile slabs or widen any existing cracks or damage in pavers. For safe and effective paver restoration in Greensboro NC, Platinum Power Wash only ever uses the soft washing method for your pavers. Call us today for a fast, free quote.

Paver Restoration in Greensboro NC is needed as often as it is required. An annual treatment may be sufficient for some, but for others, a combination of lousy weather, usage, and other environmental factors means that it is required more often.

Pricing for paver restoration in Greensboro NC is based on the size and complexity of the job. Quotes are free and will only take a few minutes of your time. Call or click today, and we promise to give you the very best price.

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